Kaye’s provides a huge range of bakery goods and services, from biscuits, slices and cakes to both domestic and commercial bakery supplies. We’ve got biscuits, from the perfect crunchy Peanut Brownie to the colourful Belgium biscuits, slices to wow your guests like the glorious Apricot Slice to everyone’s favourite, Caramel Tan Slice. Don’t forget our gorgeous bakery items, like Neenish Tarts – remember them? – and cheeky, fluffy Marshmallow Tarts. Sultana Cake and Sponges just waiting to be filled or turned into trifle.

Then we have products for our commercial friends – glorious crunchy crumb ready to be turned into smooth and pillowy cheesecakes, cakes for the service industry, or our supplies for intrepid fundraisers.